Cyber security salary in a booming market.

Cyber security salary in a booming market.


The famous & most quoted dialogue of a movie called Spiderman, where Uncle Ben soothes naïve Peter Parker that “With great powers, comes great responsibilities”.

Now with a twist to it &, all the readers can relate to it. “With great powers, comes great responsibilities & even greater Paychecks!”

Cybersecurity profession is outstripping with skilled professionals who determine the future of work with their talent, perseverance, integrity & above all resilience. According to a report by National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) with development in IT & its security spaces, it is seen that there is an inflow of new cybersecurity programs and it is close to 33% of rising than the last decade’s consensus. Cybersecurity space is expanding now like never before & organizations have incorporated a new mission to be leak-proof & secure most probably invincible if you want to best describe their mission.

With global uncertainties like Covid19 that forces organizations to go remote and to increase cyber-attacks like the South Korean nightmare Wanna cry, NotPetya, Citrix breach, panic at Sony, Adobe going through hell, Target targeted, Alteryx data leak, Equifax etc. in recent past have made multinationals & businesses of all sizes to think & procure more investments & funding towards their cyber presence & make their IT/IS more resilient to threats.

Market trends

It is observed by industry experts that there are more professionals in the cradle than out working there. The law of supply-demand states that with fewer products in the market increases the price. Alike this the leaders have projected & forecasted that the time of saturation for the cybersecurity jobs would be in the future but not less than ten years! Hence if a candidate is a new entrant or has gained some experience, it is said that it is the right time & opportunity to brag their skills and take the meteoric home salary. The general IT jobs take more than a month but not more than 45 days to fill the vacancy, while a cybersecurity job is filled typically within 60 days of the job posting, the reason being low talent pool.

Key skills

There are many jobs related to cybersecurity, whom we can segregate into two groups, namely Core cyber & cyber-enabled.

Core cybersecurity needs skills as follows

  • Cryptography
  • Linux, UNIX & Python
  • Network Security
  • Project Management
  • Vulnerability assessments & information assurance

Whereas Cyber-enabled skill includes the following

  • Information Security & information systems
  • Network security
  • CISCO, Linux
  • Project Management, customer service & technical support
  • SQL

One can clearly note that core cybersecurity jobs are specialist jobs, while cyber-enabled jobs are more generalists & involve less complexity, workload, pressure, performance anxiety than later.

Cybersecurity roles will be more visible when IoT network strategy, global digitalization, public Cloud security, SalesforceSecurity, Dynamic Application Security Testing will gain momentum and become more & more critical to any organization & government.

Barriers to entry 

Only experience will not fetch the desired salary or a dream job. It is crucial to understand from an organizational & global perspective that with each growing level in experience demands the newer self. So to combat this, each professional needs to get certified with all set of certifications ranging from entry-level foundational certifications to advanced & expert level. The badges earned from certification not only validates expertise but also increases a candidate’s knowledge & interest in cybersecurity. It is advised to call the professionals to read & understand clearly the job roles & responsibilities before applying & appearing for the interview. Generally, industries prefer more certified & experienced professionals to work on their cyberspace. Because they cannot trust the inexperienced candidate & reveal all their confidential information.


Certifications like RED HAT, CISSP, IBM cybersecurity analyst professional certification, Certified Ethical Hacker, CompTIA security+, CISM, CISA, NIST cybersecurity Framework (NCSF), certified Cloud Security Professional, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator &CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) security offer every level of certifications and have global recognition.

Professionals with the above certifications are given more employment opportunities, better pay, benefits, job status, & are also invited in the top-level executive meetings to share their view. They are also invited in client meetings, with these set of solid opportunities a cybersecurity professional enjoys a plethora of other unsaid benefits.



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